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Fremonster Spectacular 2017

We love throwing a great party, especially when we also get to light it up! Check out this fantastic, sexy highlight reel of Fremonster Spectacular 2017 by Sugar Dream Studio!

And tons of brilliant pictures from photographer IRDeep!

Thank you to all our Fremonster partners, sponsors, and contributors! — Fremont Foundry Events, Bootie Seattle, Pro Go-Go, HoopDuality, Seattle Shibari, Psychedelic Television, One Pro AVL, Theo Chocolate, Elysian Brewing, 321 FOTO | photo booth rentals, CORT Party Rental, The Stranger

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Get Hitched Give Hope 2017 – Confetti Surprise Box

Another fun video of our Confetti Surprise Box, this time as the grand finale of Get Hitched Give Hope 2017, hosted at Four Seasons Seattle.

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Urban Unveiled 2017 – Confetti Surprise Box

Our Confetti Surprise Box was the grand finale of the Luly Yang Couture fashion show at Seattle Bride’s Urban Unveiled 2017, hosted at Fairmont Olympic Hotel.

The box was opened by Luly herself! ✨ So much fun!

See more photos from Urban Unveiled 2017 on our Flickr feed.

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Be the Light!

Now more than ever, it is vitally important for each of us to speak up — individuals and businesses alike.

With our choices, our time, and our finances, Crimson Haze Event Lighting supports the causes we care about.

We embrace the freedom to protest and the freedom to choose. We encourage a vibrant and diverse community of all colors and cultures. We proudly support LGBTQ rights and marriage equality. We celebrate strong women and proactive family planning. We join hands with other entrepreneurs in nurturing sustainable economic growth, ecological awareness, improvements to education and shared infrastructure, and deep investments in underserved communities.

We will not knowingly do business with bigots of any stripe, in any capacity. We will not be silent when hateful voices threaten our communities.

We vote.

If you care, it’s time to speak up. Together. Onward and upward!

Be the light!

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Confetti Surprise Box

Delight your guests with our unique Confetti Surprise Box! It’s an astonishing confetti launcher designed to look like a large gift box, wrapped in elegant paper.

The Confetti Surprise Box, completely wireless and mounted on small wheels, is rolled out onto your dance floor or stage. Then, at the key moment, the Box is opened either by you or by Crimson Haze staff.

Learn more on our Confetti Surprise Box page.

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Blizzard Lighting “LD Q&A”

We’ve been featured by Blizzard Lighting in the second installment of their “LD Q&A” series! What an honor!
Check it out!

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Seattle Bride Magazine 2017 Awards – “Best Audio/Visual”



Last night, at a festive ceremony hosted by Block 41, Seattle Bride Magazine announced their Best of 2017 awards.

We were delighted and honored to receive the Best Audio/Visual award!

Here’s what Seattle Bride Magazine says about us:

Set the mood with Crimson Haze Event Lighting; these friendly, knowledgeable experts are the industry go-tos for lighting needs ranging from subtle and sophisticated to swank and spectacular. Services include custom monogram gobos, uplighting, illuminated centerpieces, and string, globe, fairy or bistro lights. But their talents don’t end there: Ask ’em about their signature dry ice “clouds,” sure to bring instant drama to your first dance.

We love this inspired, creative community of vendors. Cheers to all of this year’s winners and nominees! We are excited to collaborate and create more beautiful events this year.

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“Best Industry Innovation” Award at ECAA 2017

We are honored to have won “Best Industry Innovation” at the ILEA Emerald City Applause Awards 2017. This award honors us for developing a new process and service that “increased the success of a singular event” and “further elevates the event industry as a whole”. We won this award for the Dome Ceiling Lighting Effect we created at the gorgeous Arctic Club Hotel for Alana and Garrett’s April 2015 wedding.

Rarely do weddings have a special theme, so we were delighted when our clients, Alana and Garrett, wanted to theme their wedding around the Pixar film “Up”. They hoped to transform the gorgeous Arctic Club — with its golden, old-world charm — into something colorful, vibrant and dynamic, with custom looks for each part of their big day.

We achieved this by washing each panel of the dome ceiling in light, creating an even glow around the room. We did this completely wirelessly, with no cables anywhere, and without any equipment on ground-level, preserving precious floor space. We were able to control the lights wirelessly and individually, creating custom colors and animations, and completely transforming the look of the whole space.

We worked directly with Alana and Garrett to create tailored looks for all key parts of their big day: a classic warm white for their ceremony, a golden romantic candlelight-look for dinner, special animations for their grand entrance, interleaved pastels for toasts, a blue “night sky” with white stars for their first dance, and — to kick-off the dance party — an homage to one of their favorite scenes from the movie “Up,” when thousands of colorful balloons float outside the windows with a shimmering rainbow effect. Once the dance party was in motion, we continued to cycle colors and time new animations to match the music for a vibrant dance party. See a video and photos of Alana and Garrett’s wedding.

Alana and Garrett were thrilled: “You really took our wedding up a notch… the lighting effects were AMAZING,” wrote Alana. She gave us a 5 star review saying, “I cannot say enough good things about Crimson Haze! They seriously did a KILLER job on the lighting at our wedding at the Arctic Club. So many people asked if the lighting was part of the venue. We got ‘ohhs’ and ‘ahhs’ at our lighting change cues, and special effects kept everyone dancing all night long!”

Our Dome Ceiling Lighting Effect not only showcases a unique centerpiece architectural feature of the venue, but also elevates and transforms it. This gorgeous historical venue can now be customized to meet each client’s unique vision and color palette, and tailored with different looks throughout the event.

The Arctic Club loved our new approach to lighting their space — this wedding was the start of a treasured partnership with the venue. We have had the pleasure of offering this service for a number of weddings and events since then, refining it and bringing different visions to life.

Visit our page for the Arctic Club to see more photos and videos of this effect in action!

We would like to give a few special thank you shout-outs:

Alana and Garrett for dreaming big and inviting us to help bring your vision to life. We loved your theme, your creative ideas, and being part of the magic of your wedding day.

Rebecca Grant of New Creations Wedding Design for the opportunity to collaborate on this project, to get creative, and be part of another one of your gorgeous weddings.

Nicole and the Arctic Club for trusting us to do something new in your stunning venue and for partnering with us for ongoing projects —  working with you and lighting up the Northern Lights Dome Room is an absolute dream!

ILEA and the Emerald City Applause Awards for honoring us with this recognition.

Our fellow vendors for encouraging, supporting and bringing creativity to our event industry. We are so grateful to be part of a community that values and prioritizes innovation, and that inspires us to do more. We look forward to getting creative with you, and generating new ideas for future projects!

Wedding at Arctic Club Dome Room, April 2016

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“My DJ has lights. Is that good enough for my wedding or special event?”

We love DJs and trust them to provide great music and great sound equipment.

But when it comes to lighting — especially when it’s “free” or “bundled” with other services — there are some important questions to ask.

Wedding, Fairmont Olympic, April 2017

How does their lighting look in action? Do they have photos and video?

We’ve posted videos and hundreds of photos of our work, from venues all over Seattle, so you know what to expect. Check our Instagram feed, too!

Wedding, Four Seasons Hotel, July 2016

What colors can their lights do? Can they do adjustable warm whites, true amber, and soft pastels?

Lighting and photo by Crimson Haze Event Lighting --

This is such an important question, and more nuanced than most people realize. Bright green is easy, but feather-soft pink is not.

Our uplights include special, cutting-edge LED technology that allows a dramatically wider color gamut, including the most gentle of pastels and the richest, most vibrant colors.

See our post on Dynamic Whites for an example.


What does their setup look like?


Ask what their lighting equipment itself looks like, including the stands they attach to, and how many cables they use. Will their setup look good at your wedding?

We always strive to keep our installations as elegant and discreet as possible. We use white uplight covers to give our uplights a tasteful, finished look. When we need to use truss columns as mounting structure for our lights, we wrap these in white satin covers. We specialize in wireless technology to minimize cables (and often eliminate the need for cables entirely!)

These finishing touches really matter!


Are they using wireless technology?

We use a comprehensive suite of wireless technologies to simplify and expedite our installations, and this means we can do many projects without any cables at all! This also allows us to position lights virtually anywhere, such as the dome at the Arctic Club shown here. All of our uplights are battery-powered and controlled by radio.

Note also that not all wireless lighting options are created equal. We’ve carefully chosen to use only lag-free, premium W-DMX™ from Sweden. This top-tier technology translates to fast, easy, fully synchronized control.

Lighting and photo by Crimson Haze Event Lighting --

Do they have full remote control over their lights? Can they instantly (or gradually) change brightness, colors, tempo, animations, etc? Can they control each light separately?

Many DJs set their lights to “automatic” or “sound reactive mode,” where the lights will respond randomly to bass vibrations, strobing and flicking through a rainbow color palette.

That may be convenient, but this approach gives up any control over the color palette and behavior of the lights.

Instead, we use sophisticated DMX control, where everything is fine-tuned by us — professional lighting designers. We can change the lighting dynamically, but still keep things in your colors, and perfectly synchronized to your event and your music.


Photo by Clane Gessel Photography

Photo by Clane Gessel Photography

Do they have enough lights?

You may be surprised how many lights it takes to effectively saturate a mid-size room, let alone a large ballroom. Do they have enough of the right equipment? A deep inventory is important.

Wedding, Bindu and Dan, Fairmont Olympic, May 2017

There are many other good questions to ask, but these are the most crucial.

In our experience, the best results happen when professionals focus on what they do best. As a lighting company, our attention is always 100% on lighting, without distraction.

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Dynamic Whites

Lighting and photo by Crimson Haze Event Lighting --

Warm white? Cool white? Something in between? Yes!

There are infinite of shades of “white”, and we can dynamically dial our lights to create anything from icy cool to candlelit warm. The above example at Canvas Event Space shows two very different shades of “white.”

We adjust to factor in the color of the walls and floor, and can match the hue of other lights in the room.

Wedding, Fairmont Olympic, April 2017

Wedding, Fairmont Olympic, April 2017

There are so many different shades of “white”. Don’t settle for less than the perfect color(s) for your event!

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