Performers, Presenters and Live Bands

Crimson Haze lighting at Bamboo Beats 10th Anniversary Party
Spotlight your talent with the ideal colors and levels of light, right when you want them. Performers, presenters and live bands should be more than just visible, they should stand out in flattering, eye-catching ways, and captivate your audience’s attention.

Performance Packages can include…

  • Follow spotlights (and operators)
  • Gobo-shaped spotlights (stars, hearts, etc)
  • Intelligent moving lights
  • Uplighting
  • Silhouette back-lighting
  • Set-piece theatrical lighting
  • Rich color washes
  • Sophisticated color-mixing to achieve the perfect hues
  • Illuminated performance platforms
  • Special effects to punctuate dramatic moments including “paparazzi”-style strobing
  • Professional staff to adjust lighting colors, tempo and manage mid-event cues and changes
  • …and much more!

“I’ve worked with this dynamic duo in several capacities – both as part of planning an event and attending events they worked. From behind the scenes, this pair is meticulous in the details and put together a great event. They’ve been involved in huge productions, so they are familiar with what it takes. The performers were well lit and looked great. All in all – a high recommendation!” — Liz Tunnell, Event Producer

Armitage Shanks at El Gaucho

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