Illuminated Tables, Centerpieces, and Decor

Illuminated Round Tables (Wireless)

Allen Institute AI2 Holiday Party, Fremont Foundry, Dec 2016

Lighting and photo by Crimson Haze Event Lighting --

Three Dollar Bill Cinema "Xanadu", MOHAI, March 2015


Go beyond traditional tables with our popular wireless illuminated cocktail rounds. Lit from within, the tables can be set to the color of your choice, or to a tasteful color-changing mode. Lights are firmly attached to the table stem, allowing you to arrange your furniture without worry.

We can supply the tables, linens, and wireless lights. Or, if you prefer, you supply your own tables and linens, and we supply the wireless lights. (White linens work best, and light-weight fabrics allow more light to shine through.)

Illuminated Rectangular Tables (Wireless)


Create eye-catching displays for your wedding cake, dessert tables, auction items and more with these wireless illuminated tables, set to the color of your choice or synchronized dynamic changes.

Illuminated Columns (Wireless)

Crimson Haze lighting at Bamboo Beats 10th Anniversary Party

Add scenic elements to your event with wireless illuminated columns, available in any color, with or without white satin covers. Illuminated column options include…

  • Sizes of 1-meter, 2-meter, and even 3-meter tall
  • Can be combined with other packages
  • Available individually or in sets

Dress-up your illuminated columns with elegant satin covers, available “ruched” for 2-meter columns, and “sleek” for 2-meter and 3-meter columns.

Golden Candleholders

Lighting and photo by Crimson Haze Event Lighting --

Set of one large golden candle holder (7.5″ tall) with real pillar candle or LED candle, with 3 unique golden candle holders varying from 3-5” tall, with flickering amber LED tea lights or real tea lights.

LED Lanterns

Beautiful black lanterns with a lace-like diamond cut design and gold interior. 8″ tall. Illuminated by small, wireless LED lights, and we can fine-tune the color from “candlelight” to virtually any other color to match your decor. Lights are set to an unchanging color, or change them dynamically. For example, the lanterns could gently animate (like a flickering fire effect), or slowly cycle through the colors of your event, or change at key times (white as guests arrive, amber during dinner, pink for toasts, various colors for the dance party) — for truly unique and customizable table centerpieces or accent decor!.

Holographic LED Lanterns (small)

Our golden holographic lanterns make great centerpieces or way-f

Our petite golden LED lanterns feature a flickering amber holographic pattern. These lanterns make excellent and interesting centerpieces for cocktail rounds, and can also be used to line outdoor pathways and stairwells.

Illuminated LED Trees

Allen Institute AI2 Holiday Party, Fremont Foundry, Dec 2016

illuminated trees
Bring nature’s beauty into your special occasion with our enchanting illuminated trees. They make a lovely decorative light feature or backdrop for photos. We recommend them in a matched set of three, one of each size, as shown in this photo.

More photos of our illuminated trees in action.

Available in 3-ft, 5-ft, and 8-ft sizes.