Special Effects

Fog, haze, blacklight, bubbles, and more!

Make your event “pop” with special effects, the best way to punctuate key moments and add some unforgettable wow-factor. Here are some of our most popular additions for all kinds of events, ranging from glamorous weddings to vibrant dance parties.

Surprise and delight your guests with creative effects!

Dancing on the Clouds

Enchant your guests with low-lying dry ice fog.

Perfect for that magical “cloud” effect for a couple’s first dance, for adding a mystical touch to performances, for setting a spooky haunted house vibe, and more.

This is a stunning effect in the moment, and makes for incredible photos!

Our high-quality dry ice fog is silent, odorless, and leaves zero residue — completely safe for all fabrics, including delicate wedding dresses.

Effect lasts about three minutes and then disappears completely.

More photos and details on our Dancing on the Clouds page.


Create striking beams of light by combining haze with moving lights.

Haze is a very fine, almost invisible mist added to the air. It’s what enables beams of light to be visible. We only use professional-grade water-based haze fluid and high-end haze machines to produce a quality experience.

Haze is especially impactful for dance party lighting, particularly if you want to achieve that concert-look or nightclub-style effect.

Check this short video for a vivid illustration of how haze works.

Water Texture

Transform your space with a gently rippling water texture effect.

This effect can be set to a variety of beautiful colors, which help complement different themes: blue creates an “under the sea” vibe or poolside ambiance, white creates a wintery ice texture look, and orange creates a fire/lava effect.

Starry Night

Evoke the night sky with this wide-wash laser projection, featuring thousands of slowly moving tiny blue laser dots over a blue nebula cloud effect.

Combines beautifully with blue uplighting to transform the whole space into a nighttime atmosphere, and with warm white pin-spots to light key features like your buffet or bar so these elements still stand out.

Split-Beam Uplights

Add a punchy, eye-catching effect for a centerpiece wall or backdrop with these split-beam uplights. Colors can be animated and changed, and each of the three beams can be set to a different hue for fun color combinations.

These look striking behind a band, head table, or around your dance floor.

Colored Fog Blasters

Punctuate key moments in the music and add dramatic effect to your dance party with our multi-colored pyrotechnic-inspired fog blasters.

The fog is thick and voluminous, but designed to dissipate quickly, so the effect disappears and can be used again in short order. We can blast them frequently throughout the night, when the music builds up and the bass drops.

Black-Lights (Professional-Grade)

Make UV-reactive costumes and decor elements “pop,” and add a rich, purple, otherworldly glow with professional-grade black-lights.

These can be placed in key areas throughout the venue, or triggered at key moments on the dance floor as an exciting special effect.

More examples in our Flickr album!

Fog Bubbles

Go beyond regular bubbles with specialty fog bubbles!

This magical effect combines a fog machine with a bubble machine, sending a steady flurry of opaque milk-white bubbles into the air. When the bubbles pop, they disappear instantly with a delightful puff of “smoke.”

Special Effects Videos

Fremonster Spectacular 2017

Highlight reel from Fremonster Spectacular 2017, a big Halloween party we co-produce annually with Fremont Foundry

Fremonster Spectacular 2018

Highlight reel from Fremonster Spectacular 2018, a big Halloween party we co-produce annually with Fremont Foundry