Uplights – Wireless, Weather-Proof Uplighting

Wedding, Fairmont Olympic, April 2017

Nothing beats our wireless uplights to set a tasteful, elegant atmosphere.

Our uplights are completely wireless! Our state-of-the-art battery-powered LED fixtures are eco-friendly and even brighter than conventional options, plus they are free of messy cords. No unsightly cables, no tripping hazards, and they can be installed anywhere.

We always fine-tune your uplights to achieve the perfect hue, from vibrant colors to soft pastels to 50 shades of white.

We love to go beyond classic uplighting with our Dynamic Lighting Upgrade. We can set your uplights to slowly change — for example, gently cycling from warm white to amber, to create subtle movement and interest, or shifting throughout your event to create a day-to-night transition, from warm daylight white through ambers, pinks and purples for sunset, to blue for night — there are so many possibilities!

Our smallest Seattle projects start at just $500.

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We offer a full range of uplighting options, including:

  • Pure white, warm white, any shade of white!
  • Rich vibrant colors
  • Feather-soft pastels
  • Completely flicker-free for HD video recording (Videographers love our lights!)
  • Weather-safe waterproof outdoor uplights (which are still completely wireless!)
  • Dynamically-changing colors, including elegant slow cross-fading between colors

The possibilities to enrich your event with Crimson Haze wireless uplights are endless.



Uplight Covers

Wedding, Sarah and Clayton, Fremont Foundry, July 2017

Wedding at Fremont Foundry, April 2016

Wedding, Fairmont Olympic, April 2017
Our exclusive, elegant white uplight covers provide the essential finishing touch, blending discreetly into any environment. Only available from Crimson Haze Event Lighting!

VIDEO: Dynamic Uplighting, Seattle Art Museum

Lighting up this gorgeous wedding reception at the Seattle Art Museum was a real joy. Congratulations, Andrea and Britt!

The museum invited us to plug in and control their new accent lights in the main exhibition hall. Combined seamlessly with our own equipment, this allowed us to animate and change the entire space. So much fun!

VIDEO: Dynamic Uplighting, Fairmont Olympic Hotel

A beautiful wedding and reception at Fairmont Olympic Hotel.

Congratulations, Melissa and Ben! We love lighting up Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Here’s a clip of our dynamic uplighting in action — it changes in time to your music and stays in your color palette.

An elegant and sophisticated party lighting option for those who don’t want dots, beams, or gobos.

Dynamic Whites

Lighting and photo by Crimson Haze Event Lighting -- http://crimson-haze.com

Warm white? Cool white? Something in between? Yes! There are infinite of shades of “white”, and we can dynamically dial our lights to create anything from icy cool to candlelit warm. The above example at Canvas Event Space shows two very different shades of “white.”

We adjust to factor in the color of the walls and floor, and can match the hue of other lights in the room.

Don’t settle for less than the perfect “white” for your event!

More Uplighting Photos

Wedding, Fairmont Olympic, April 2017

Wedding, Bindu and Dan, Fairmont Olympic, May 2017


Lighting and photo by Crimson Haze Event Lighting -- http://crimson-haze.com

Gaspare Awards, Sodo Park, August 2016

Wedding, Westin Bellevue, July 2016

Wedding, Four Seasons Hotel, July 2016

Wedding, Hyatt Regency Bellevue, May 2016
photo by Crimson Haze Event Lighting -- http://crimson-haze.com
Wedding, Fremont Foundry, January 2016
Lighting and photo by Crimson Haze Event Lighting -- http://crimson-haze.com
Urban Unveiled, Fairmont Olympic Hotel, October 2015 (Photo by A
T-Mobile "Magenta Wonderland" - Photo © Alante Photography www.

Greg and Steve "Manniversary" Party, Charles Smith Winery, Janua

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