Wireless Uplights

Customizable colors, flexible placement, fun animations, and more

Wireless uplighting is our most popular service, creating a beautiful glow around the perimeter of the room, accenting backdrops, decor and other special features, and more.

Our fixtures are completely wireless for an elegant installation and flexible placement.

We fine-tune your uplights to achieve the perfect hue, from vibrant colors to soft pastels to any shade of white.

Dynamic Lighting is our specialty. We can set your uplights to slowly change — for example, gently cycling from warm white to amber, to create subtle movement and interest. Or we can have the lights change at specific times, for example classic warm white for guest arrival, golden “candlelight” for dinner, and then a variety of colors and animations for a vibrant dance party. Always tailored to your unique vision.

We offer a full range of uplighting options, including:

  • Uplight covers — An essential finishing touch
  • Pure white, warm white, any shade of white — See “Dynamic Whites” below
  • Feather-soft pastels
  • Rich vibrant colors
  • Completely flicker-free for HD video recording — Videographers love our lights
  • Weather-safe waterproof outdoor uplights (which are still completely wireless)
  • Dynamic, changing colors, including elegant slow cross-fading between colors
Color Wheel

Uplight Covers

Our distinctive, elegant, white uplight covers provide the essential finishing touch. These are a lovely way to hide the technology with something beautiful.

Exclusive to Crimson Haze Event Lighting!

Dynamic Whites

Warm white? Cool white? Something in between? Yes!

There are infinite shades of “white”, and we can dynamically dial our lights to create anything from icy cool to candlelight warm.

We adjust the white, factoring in the color of the walls and floor and other lights in the room, like chandeliers.

Dynamic Uplighting Videos

Dynamic Uplighting, Fairmont Olympic Hotel

A beautiful wedding and reception at Fairmont Olympic Hotel.

Congratulations, Melissa and Ben! We love lighting up Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Here’s a clip of our dynamic uplighting in action — it changes in time to your music and stays in your color palette.

An elegant and sophisticated party lighting option for those who don’t want dots, beams, or gobos.

Indian Wedding Reception, Four Seasons Seattle

A beautiful Indian wedding reception at the Four Seasons Seattle for Kiran and Sonia.

This is a great example of different looks for guest arrival, grand entrance with our popular “paparazzi effect”, custom colors for first dances and performances, and a variety of colors and animations for the dance party. We placed wireless uplighting throughout the ballroom, including the structural columns and inside the floral backdrop, paired with a Classic Dance Lighting Package with our Diamond White Sparkle Effect to achieve a wide range of looks and special moments.

Uplighting Photos