Gobos and Projected Monograms

Your logo, name, or message in lights!

A traditional gobo is basically a stencil, either laser-cut steel or specially-prepared glass, used to project monograms, logos, textures, and shapes.

To achieve this effect, we generally encourage the modern equivalent: using high-end video projection instead of stencils. Video projection is brighter, far more flexible in terms of positioning and placement, can be animated, and even showcase live video footage and other sophisticated content.

Gobos can be static and unmoving — for example, your logo or monogram projected on a centerpiece wall to create a statement feature, a way-finding directional sign for event activities like “Whiskey Lounge Upstairs”, imagery of cathedral windows to set a scene for a ceremony backdrop, a leaf pattern to enhance your garden themed celebration, and more.

Gobos can be dynamic — for example, snowflakes slowly falling, textured dots gently effervescing above your champagne bar to look like bubbles, and other fun options. This is a great way to add interesting motion and ambiance to your event.

We have 15+ years of professional graphic design experience, and work directly with you to design the gobo you want.

Dynamic Gobos

Usually, when people think of a gobo, they assume it’s a monogram or logo, but gobos can also be used to great effect as textures. The gobo can be animated, change colors, and move around the room. Often, multiple gobo projectors are used to layer the effect and add even more dynamic movement.

In the above video, you can see another variation of a Dynamic Gobo, with the monogram gently changing colors during the dance party.

Gobo Backdrops

We used gobo projection at this wedding to create a stunning cathedral window background effect. Actual event photo and our 3D pre-visualization shown here.