Gobos and Monograms

Wedding, Four Seasons Hotel, July 2016
Your company logo, name, or message in lights!

We have 15+ years of professional graphic design experience, and work directly with you to achieve exactly the gobo you want.

All gobo services include:

  • Consultation and design to create the perfect look.
  • Reusable gobo, yours to keep after your event.
  • Professional installation.
  • Delivery to and pick-up from your event venue.

Choose from two options:

  • Static White – Our wireless gobo projectors enable discrete, cable-free installation just about anywhere! Bright white projection on a wall, ceiling, or floor at your event.
  • Dynamic Custom – Upgrade to a dynamic gobo, and our intelligent lights can move your monogram to key places around the room, change colors, fade in and out, and other advanced effects.



Dynamic Gobos

Ravishing Radish Tasting Event, Canvas Event Space, April 2016
Usually, when people think of a gobo, they assume it’s a monogram or logo, but gobos can also be used to great effect as textures. The gobo can be animated, change colors, and move around the room. Often, multiple gobo projectors are used to layer the effect and add even more dynamic movement.

In the above video, you can see another variation of a Dynamic Gobo, with the monogram gently changing colors during the dance party.

Lake Washington HS Prom 2017, Fremont Foundry

Lake Washington HS Prom 2017, Fremont Foundry

Wedding, Fremont Foundry, July 16, 2016

Wedding, Hyatt Regency Bellevue, October 2016

PopCap "Harry Potter" Holiday, Union Station Great Hall, Dec 201 

Wedding at Marriott Waterfront, August 2015
Emerald City Applause Awards 2016, McCaw Hall, April 2016
Holiday party at Fremont Foundry, January 2016
Ravishing Radish Tasting Event, Canvas Event Space, April 2016

Gobo Backgrounds

We used gobo projection at this wedding to create a stunning cathedral window background effect. Actual event photo and our 3D pre-visualization shown here.


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