Chuppah and Mandap Lighting


A chuppah, mandap, floral canopy, or wedding arbor can be a beautiful addition to a ceremony! However, it can also bring certain challenges.

These structures are often rather dark inside – right where the newlyweds will be standing! This is especially true if there are flowers or fabric over the top.

Carefully placed lighting can counteract these shadows, helping everyone look their best and giving everything a lovely glow.

See also our note about Ceremony Lighting on our Wedding Lighting page.

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More Chuppah and Mandap Lighting Photos

Wedding, Bindu and Dan, Fairmont Olympic, May 2017

Wedding at Four Seasons Seattle. Photo by Alante Photography. Li

Wedding, Hyatt Regency Bellevue, May 2016

Wedding at Fairmont Olympic Hotel, September 2015

Wedding, Bindu and Dan, Fairmont Olympic, May 2017


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