Confetti Surprise Box


Delight your guests with our unique Confetti Surprise Box! It’s an astonishing confetti launcher designed to look like a large gift box, wrapped in elegant paper.

The Confetti Surprise Box, completely wireless and mounted on small wheels, is rolled out onto your dance floor or stage. Then, at the key moment, the Box is opened either by you or by Crimson Haze staff.

When the Confetti Surprise Box opens, it launches beautiful fluttering confetti high into the air, reaching heights up to 40′ and covering an area up to 25′ wide.

Paper confetti is available in the color(s) of your choice, or you can upgrade to metallic confetti or special die-cut designs such as hearts, rose petals or butterflies.

There are no visible hoses, tanks, or cables — just a tastefully wrapped, wireless gift box and an amazing display of festive confetti!

  • Perfect for first dance, product announcements, New Year’s Eve, award ceremonies, bar mitzvah / bat mitzvah, and more!
  • Completely wireless — no cables, hoses, or unsightly tanks
  • Easily opened by you, or by Crimson Haze staff
  • Reaches up to 40′ high and covers an area up to 25′ wide with beautiful fluttering confetti
  • Paper confetti in your choice of color(s), or upgrade to metallic confetti or die-cut designs such as hearts, rose petals or butterflies
  • Can be custom gift-wrapped to match your event and decor
  • Elegant rolling box can go anywhere!

Note: We do not handle confetti clean-up. Confetti requires pre-approval from your venue, and your venue may charge additional fees.



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