Mirror Balls (Disco Balls)

A fun classic, updated and ready to liven up your celebration!

The mirror ball (disco ball) is a timeless mainstay of dance floors everywhere — scattering joyful, festive, sparkling points of light around the room.

Mirror balls can also be a beautiful decorative element, separate from the dance party. They can provide accents around your space or be clustered together to create a glamorous centerpiece feature.

We are pleased to offer mirror balls in a variety of sizes, and have the equipment and experience to hang them safely.

Mirror balls are sometimes mounted on rotating motors to make them spin, but not always. Ideally, mirror balls are suspended directly over the dance floor.

Mirror balls pair beautifully with our dance party lighting, haze, and especially with dynamic lighting.

Contact us to discuss your venue and your vision to see what’s possible. We’d love to hear from you!

We were awarded Best Technical Production by the International Live Events Association (ILEA) for a wedding at AXIS Pioneer Square featuring a mirror ball and chandelier installation.

Read our blog post for more details!

Mirror Balls

Mirror balls are beautiful decor elements that add a playful touch of class and verve to your event! They can be featured at your event as-is, without adding lighting to them.

Mirror Balls (with Pin-Spots)

Adding white pin-spots to your mirror balls creates shimmer and sparkle! Mirror balls and white lighting are a classic pairing.

Mirror Balls (with Full Dynamic Lighting)

The complete nightclub experience! Adding full dynamic lighting to your dance party truly brings the mirror balls to life with vibrant color and animation. Add haze to create dazzling beams of light for a truly incredible, immersive experience. Colors are customizable!

Photo Galleries of Events with Mirror Balls