Bring your guests together — virtually!

Livestreaming is an excellent way to share your event with those who are not able to attend in person. Your event is filmed and broadcast live — typically on YouTube or Facebook Live — so distant guests can still be included, virtually!

Weddings can livestream their ceremony for guests living out of town; educational conferences can livestream for attendees unable to attend in person; fundraisers can livestream for non-local supporters; and so much more!

We partner with experts in our field to bring this seamlessly to life, with high-end cameras and video equipment. Our partners range from more budget friendly options to luxury options, and some can include special offerings like add-on videography of your entire wedding day at a special bundled rate.

Pricing will scale based on your vision, the length of your celebration and other details. 

Contact us to learn more and receive a no-obligation quote!

Please note that livestreaming may not be possible for all events.

This requires reliable, high-bandwidth internet, or strong cell service for an effective mobile broadband connection.

Fortunately, in the case that a livestream is not possible due to connectivity issues, a standard recording will be captured and then made available online as soon as possible following the live event.