Uplighting at Columbia Winery

Lighting for Events of All Kinds

Every event benefits from great lighting!

Go beyond traditional lighting and AV for your one-of-a-kind event.

From video projection to audio, functional spotlighting to decorative ambiance, we will tailor our services to fit your unique vision and needs.

Many events just don’t fit a standard mold. Our robust background in event production means we are ready to listen to the details of your event, understand the big picture, and make informed suggestions to help you achieve your goals.

We love lighting up corporate meetings and presentations, company parties, award ceremonies, winter holiday events, themed events, fashion shows, birthday parties, cocktail soirées, mitzvahs, live auctions, product launches, concerts and performances, weddings, and more!

Corporate Meetings and Presentations

Produce quality meetings with bright, high-resolution video projection, flattering spotlighting, reliable audio, all paired with ambiance lighting that can reflect your brand colors and set a comfortable tone for the space. Special effects and dynamic lighting changes can keep attendees excited and engaged, adding surprises and “life” to the day.

Company Parties

Celebrate your company milestones in style, with customized lighting tailored around your brand or event theme. Put your company name in lights with bright logo projection, feature custom video slideshows of employees and company accomplishments, pinspot your product displays, and so much more.

Award Ceremonies

Showcase your award winners and talent with flattering spotlighting, paired with bright, high-resolution video projection to support the show. Consider fun effects like festive animations for key “drum roll” moments as winners are announced. Sound and lighting can be subtle and classic, or help enliven the celebration and keep the energy up.

Winter Holiday Events

Create a winter wonderland with specialized lighting, from slowly swirling snowflakes to dramatic ice textures to illuminated birch trees. Set a frosty ambiance with dynamic uplighting, which can slowly shimmer and change through cool blues and icy whites. And consider surprise elements like low-lying fog for a magical touch.

Themed Events

Transform your venue into a carnival, take your guests on an “under the sea” adventure, go dancing at Studio 54, and bring other fun themes to life with custom lighting and special effects. We love transporting guests and collaborating with you to bring a vibrant theme to life.

Fashion Shows

Highlight beautiful clothing and models in flattering light, dialed to appropriate levels for professional photography. Enhance the show with color changes around the room, complementing the colors of the clothing. Use special effects like our Confetti Surprise Box to highlight key moments and conclude with a grand finale.

Dance Parties

Propel your dance party through the night with everything from classic mirror balls to full nightclub-style dance party lighting — in your color palette and professionally synchronized to your music.

Concerts and Performances

Elevate your performances with dynamic lighting, where we change the colors and movement of the lighting to complement the music and energy in the room. Punctuate key moments with special effects and color changes. And pair this with flattering spotlighting, so even when the colors around the room are dramatically changing, the performers still look properly lit.

Birthday Parties

Customize the ambiance for your birthday celebration, from subtle elegance to a vibrant dance party. Set the lighting to your favorite colors, project your name in lights, play a photo slideshow with family photos, pin-spot your birthday cake and so much more.

Cocktail Soirées

Enliven your cocktail party with fun lighting elements. Go beyond traditional uplighting and have your lights slowly changing colors. Under-light your bars and cocktail rounds so these functional features become cool decor. Pinspot key features like your buffet and dessert table, and more.

Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs

Delight your guests with memorable “wow” moments like our Confetti Surprise Box, Dancing on the Clouds, or color-changing fog blasters for the dance floor. Feature black-light for an arcade space or UV-reactive face painting. Or keep it classic and glamorous with wireless crystal chandeliers and our “Diamond White Sparkle Lights“.

Live and Silent Auctions

Call attention to important elements of your fundraising event with thoughtful lighting. Spotlight your auctioneer and accentuate your silent auction items with targeted pin-spotting. Highlight your agenda, thank supporters, and show the details of your live auction items with bright, high-resolution video projection. Pair these elements with ambient uplighting and reliable audio for a complete package.


Design the perfect ambiance for your big day, with customized lighting tailored to your unique vision. Gently spotlight your ceremony for a flattering glow. Highlight your beautiful florals with elegant pin-spotting. Uplight your venue in classic warm white, soft pastels, or vibrant hues. And then bring your dance party to life with options ranging from the subtle to the spectacular.