Dance Party Lighting

Wedding, Bindu and Dan, Fairmont Olympic, May 2017

Propel your dance party through the night with everything from classic mirror balls to full nightclub-style dance lighting — in your color palette and professionally synchronized to your music.

Our Dance Party packages can include…


VIDEO: “Dynamic Wedding Lighting, Fairmont Olympic Hotel”

A beautiful wedding and reception at Fairmont Olympic Hotel.

Here’s a clip of our dynamic uplighting in action — it changes in time to your music and stays in your color palette.

An elegant and sophisticated party lighting option for those who don’t want dots, beams, or gobos.

VIDEO: “Synchronized Dance Lighting at Arctic Club”

This short clip in the Dome Room Arctic Club Seattle shows what we mean by “synchronized to your music.” Notice how the pattern matches the beat! (Make sure your sound is turned on for this one.)

VIDEO: “Classic Dance Party”

This short clip at Fremont Foundry helps illustrate what we mean by “Classic Dance Party”. The lights are always in carefully-coordinated colors of your choice, and our elegant “diamond white” moving patterns are a classy way to keep things lively.

VIDEO: “Lake Washington Prom 2017, Fremont Foundry”

We had a great time lighting up the 2017 Lake Washington High School senior prom at Fremont Foundry.

This short clip shows our elegant, classic dance floor lighting package — a great complement to our signature dynamic uplights and a big custom gobo.

VIDEO: Wicked Karma’s Bollywood NYE 2017

It was so much fun to bring Vegas-style nightclub atmosphere to Wicked Karma​’s Bollywood New Year’s Eve, their annual sold-out NYE dance party! 800+ joyful dancing people.

We contributed bold beautiful color everywhere, tons of moving lights and special effects — and the debut of our unique Dynamic String Lights.

VIDEO: Why Use “Haze”?

What is “haze” and why do we recommend it? This short video illustrates.

Essentially, haze is a very fine, almost invisible mist added to the air. It’s what enables beams of light to be visible. Haze is such a vital component of dynamic lighting that we made it part of our company name!

Haze is extra important for dance party events.


VIDEO: “Bollywood New Year’s Eve 2016”

From the sold-out “Wicked Karma presents Bollywood NYE 2016” at Fremont Foundry. This video showcases dynamic uplighting, moving lights, multi-beam lights, haze, our chandelier silhouette, and other special effects.

Dance Party Lighting Photos


Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Formal 2017

Bollywood NYE 2016, Fremont Foundry

Wedding, Bindu and Dan, Fairmont Olympic, May 2017

Bollywood NYE 2016, Fremont Foundry

Wedding, Fremont Foundry, January 2016

Crimson Haze lighting at Bamboo Beats 10th Anniversary Party


VIDEO: “Fremont Foundry Illuminated Glass Floor”

This video showcases not only the Illuminated Glass Floor, but other aspects of our exciting dance party lighting, as well.

The Glass Floor can be set to a color of your choice (including warm white), or it can change colors at specific times for a stunning effect — like a vibrant one-of-a-kind dance floor!

VIDEO: “Bamboo Beats 10th Anniversary Party”

Shot at Fremont Foundry by Via Creatives, this video is a fantastic showcase for our dance party lighting.
All lighting by Crimson Haze.

VIDEO: “Indian Wedding Reception at Four Seasons Hotel”

A beautiful Indian wedding reception at the Four Seasons Hotel for Kiran and Sonia. Planning by Weddings With Wendy.

We placed wireless uplighting throughout the ballroom, including the structural columns and inside the floral backdrop, to achieve a wide range of looks and special effects.


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