Wedding Lighting

Wedding, Four Seasons Hotel, July 2016

Achieve your vision with beautiful, dynamic wedding lighting designed for your unique ceremony and reception

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Our wedding lighting packages can include…

  • Uplights, Wireless — Completely wireless and cable-free. Capable of an extraordinary range of customizable colors, from soft pastels to vibrant hues to any shade of white
  • Dynamic Lighting — Upgrade your uplights to feature customized, dynamic changes, like a classic warm white look for your ceremony, a golden candlelight color during dinner and toasts, and vibrant colors and animations during dancing
  • Chandeliers — Elevate the ambiance of your event with our expanding collection of stylish wireless chandeliers!
  • Confetti Surprise Box — An astonishing confetti launcher designed to look like a large gift box, wrapped in elegant paper!
  • String LightsFully dimmable bulbs, timeless and romantic!
  • Dynamic String LightsNew! Beautiful classic string lights that can also change colors
  • Dynamic LED Wristbands — A great way to enliven your celebration. You can give each guest their own size-adjustable wristband, and we can control the colors and animations of all the wristbands in custom, creative ways!
  • Pinspots — Illuminate centerpieces, buffet tables, florals, cakes, and more with warm targeted lighting
  • Garland Fairy Lights — Beautiful hanging lights for trees, mounting on walls, or suspending from railings
  • Ceremony Lighting — Soft-edged, warm white spotlights give your ceremony a beautiful glow
  • Dancing on the Clouds — An unforgettable first dance! This amazing dry ice effect will wow your guests and produce extraordinary photographs. Our high-quality dry ice fog is silent, odorless, and leaves zero residue — completely safe for all fabrics, including delicate wedding dresses.
  • Fairy Light Backdrop — A favorite backdrop for ceremonies and head tables
  • Custom Gobo / Monogram Projection
  • Chuppah / Mandap Lighting — Counteract shadows and give your mandap or chuppah a lovely glow!
  • Illuminated Tables — Glowing cocktail rounds, head tables, and more!
  • Projection and Video Displays to showcase your photo slide show or personal video
  • Dance Party – From the subtle to the spectacular. Everything from classic mirror balls to your own private nightclub.
  • Illuminated Centerpieces — LED candles, holographic lanterns, illuminated floral arrangements, and more!
  • Pin-Spots and Surface Lighting for your cake, guest book, and other important areas
  • And (of course) more!


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“My DJ has lights. Is that good enough for my wedding?”
That’s a great question. We have a blog post about this topic!

Uplights, Wireless and Full-Color

Wedding, Fairmont Olympic, April 2017


Gaspare Awards, Sodo Park, August 2016

Nothing beats our wireless uplights to set a tasteful, elegant atmosphere.

Our uplights are completely wireless! State-of-the-art battery LED fixtures are eco-friendly and even brighter than conventional options, plus they are free of messy cords.

No unsightly cables, no tripping hazards, and they can be installed anywhere!

Ceremony Lighting


Our soft-edged, warm white spotlights are the perfect way to give your ceremony a gorgeous glow.

With proper use of spotlighting, the rest of the venue can be dim, colorful, or even candle-lit, and your ceremony will still be bright and beautiful.

Here’s another example, this one from a wedding at Arctic Club:


Dynamic Whites

Lighting and photo by Crimson Haze Event Lighting --

Warm white? Cool white? Something in between? Yes! There are infinite of shades of “white”, and we can dynamically dial our lights to create anything from icy cool to candlelit warm. The above example at Canvas Event Space shows two very different shades of “white.”

We adjust to factor in the color of the walls and floor, and can match the hue of other lights in the room.

Don’t settle for less than the perfect “white” for your event!

“Dancing on the Clouds” Dry Ice Effect

DSC_4071 copy-3

An unforgettable first dance! Our amazing, professional-grade dry ice effect will wow your guests and makes for extraordinary photographs.

  • 100% pure dry ice effect. Zero chemicals.
  • Silent
  • Odorless
  • Will NOT trigger smoke alarms
  • Leaves zero residue
  • Completely safe for all fabrics, including delicate wedding dresses
  • Lasts approximately 2-3 minutes, then completely disappears

More photos and video on our “Dancing on the Clouds” page.

Café-Style String Lights / Bistro Lights



Create a lovely overhead ambiance with our charming, café-style string lights (sometimes called “Italian lights” or “bistro lights”).

Our string lights are always installed with a fully adjustable dimmer, enabling a variety of different moods — for instance, brighter for your ceremony, a bit lower for dinner, and turned way down for mood-lighting when it’s time to dance. (Many other lighting vendors use products that are NOT dimmable!)

String-light-bulb-size-comparison-300x202String lights are one of the few places where we intentionally avoid using LEDs, opting instead for the warmth and style offered by glass incandescent bulbs. Our bulbs are warm white on their brightest setting and become a golden “candlelight” amber as they dim… romantic and flattering!

Multiple styles are available, including bulbs handcrafted to evoke vintage 20th-century lighting with an antique finish, defined steeple, and intricate filament design.

Our high-quality, commercial-grade strings are safe for both indoor and outdoor use, and can beautifully enhance patios and outdoor tenting.

More photos on our String Lights page.


Elevate the ambiance of your event with our expanding collection of stylish wireless chandeliers.

Our luxury fixtures are fully dimmable to provide adjustable levels from a soft warm glow to full dazzling brightness.

Wireless and battery-powered, our chandeliers enable flexible placement in a range of locations — create a centerpiece above your sweetheart table or add a touch of luxury above your buffet and desserts. They can even be hung from a tree branch!

Feature one by itself, or cluster multiple chandeliers together for a stunning, dramatic statement.

Indian Wedding Reception at Four Seasons Hotel


A beautiful Indian wedding reception at the Four Seasons Hotel for Kiran and Sonia. Planning by Weddings With Wendy.

We placed wireless uplighting throughout the ballroom, including the structural columns and inside the floral canopy backdrop, to achieve a wide range of looks and special effects. The lights were dynamically matched to the mood and the music — but still always keeping within the color palette they specified. Extra lights were included to ensure that performances and speeches were properly lit.

More Examples

Wedding, Fairmont Olympic, April 2017

Wedding, Fairmont Olympic Hotel, New Year's Eve 2015

Wedding, Fairmont Olympic Hotel, New Year's Eve 2015

Wedding, Fairmont Olympic Hotel, New Year's Eve 2015

New Year’s Eve wedding at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. We placed wireless uplights throughout the Spanish Ballroom and adjoining foyer. Two wireless lights were installed inside the base of the ceremony arch, bringing the floral arrangements to life. Because we can fine-tune the color of the lights remotely at any time, it allowed the bride and groom exceptional creative freedom. A gorgeous golden amber glow was set for the ceremony and dinner, and transitioned to rich, vibrant colors when it was time to dance.

Within Sodo wedding

A gorgeous and classy wedding at Within Sodo. Warm white wireless uplights illuminate the reception room, shrouded behind our elegant uplight shields.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Crimson Haze and I recommend them if you are looking for professional and pleasant vendors – it makes such a difference to work with people who not only know what they are doing, but who do it with kindness and efficiency!” — Megan Harvick, Delighted Bride

Even More Photos and Video!

Garland Fairy Lights by Crimson Haze Event Lighting

Wedding, Arctic Club, May 2017

Wedding, Fremont Foundry, Oct 2016

Wedding, Hyatt Regency Bellevue, May 2016

Wedding, AXIS Pioneer Square, April 2017

Lighting and photo by Crimson Haze Event Lighting --

Fairmont Olympic Hotel, "Temptation" Event, Jan 2016


To see many more photos of Crimson Haze lighting projects, check out our Flickr page and Instagram feed.

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