We are thrilled and grateful to win Best Lighting and Audiovisual for Seattle Bride Magazine Best of 2023!

The full list of this year’s award winners can be found on the Seattle Bride Magazine website.


Rue and Lauren’s beautiful celebration at Silver Cloud Point Ruston was featured in EquallyWed!

“The couple twirled into a cloud of smoke and confetti for their first dance. LaRue and their loved ones danced the night away, enjoying a drag queen performance, a champagne tower and confetti cannons. At the end of the evening, the couple shared a private last dance that mirrored their living room ceremony, a romantic sway with just the two of them on the dance floor.

View more photos from their wedding here!

We are quoted in Seattle Bride magazine’s feature article, Top Wedding Trends to Expect in 2023!

“We think mirror balls will be a big trend this year, and our couples are so into it! The mirror ball (disco ball) is a timeless mainstay of dance floors everywhere — scattering joyful, festive, sparkling points of light around the room.

Mirror balls can also be a beautiful decorative element, separate from the dance party. They can provide accents around your space or be clustered together to create a glamorous centerpiece feature. ~ Clea and Clayton, Crimson Haze Event Lighting”

Best of Bride 2022

We are so humbled and grateful to win Best Lighting and Audiovisual for Seattle Bride magazine’s Best of 2022!

It was also a privilege to sponsor and light up the gala celebration. Photos from the event here on our Flickr page.

Check out this highlight video!

The full list of winners can be found on the Seattle Bride website.

We were honored at last night’s Emerald City Applause Awards with Best Technical Production for Jackie and Justin’s wedding at beautiful AXIS Pioneer Square!

Hooray and thank you to ILEA Seattle for this award, to Amber Sooter from A Renee Events for the invitation to collaborate — and of course to the happy couple Jackie and Justin!

Jackie & Justin aspired to design their wedding with inspiration cues from their experiences at the Coachella music festival, along with ideas for color and texture from one of their favorite sci-fi films. These thoughts led to lush exotic floral “clouds” hanging over the ceremony and dinner area, combined with our color-changing string-lights. Over the dance floor, we installed a stylish, elegant mirror-ball + chandelier centerpiece. So fun!

The installation was lit with a set of bright moving lights, and these lights were carefully pre-programmed ahead of time for maximum Coachella-style nightclub impact. We added a touch of haze to facilitate atmosphere and beam effects. All of this, combined with our signature vibrant dynamic uplighting, delivered an unforgettable dance floor experience!

Photos by Kristen Marie Parker

Coordination and Design – A Renee Events
Attire – En Blanc (dress), Tuxedo Club (suit)
Cake – Blue Box Bakery
Catering – Duos Catering
DJ – Integral DJs
Floral – Brier and Ivy
Hair and Makeup – Bridal Beauty Agency, KLS Artistry, Wanderer Barbering Co
Lighting – Crimson Haze Event Lighting
Officiant – Arissa Reach, A Wedding with Heart
Photography – Kristen Marie Parker
Rentals – Vintage Ambiance, Cort, La Tavola Linens
Stationery – Sablewood Paper Co
Transportation – A&A Limo
Venue – AXIS Pioneer Square

“I love being a woman in this industry! I want to change those stereotypes about who can be excited about these things, and change the idea about how we have to talk about these things. I look different. I may talk about it differently. But that approach is just as valid, and maybe for some people it’s a better way of doing it. It’s something to push on and stretch people’s ideas, and stretch myself, to push against expectations, and create new ones.”

We are so honored to be a guest on The Seattle SheEO Podcast, hosted by Wilkinson Events.

Listen here or on Spotify


We are so humbled and grateful to win Best Lighting and Audiovisual for Seattle Bride magazine’s Best of 2020!

Thank you to our amazing community of talented vendors and wonderful clients! We truly appreciate the love and support, especially during these challenging times. 

We hope/strive to give support right back, and to support the broader community and important social justice issues that extend beyond our industry but impact us all. 

Congratulations to all the fellow winners, and also shout out to all the many incredible vendors who totally deserve to be honored and celebrated, too!

The full list of winners can be found on the Seattle Bride website.

Photo by Jean-Marcus Strole

We adore Simply by Tamara Nicole, one of Seattle’s most stylish, forward-thinking wedding planners.

Tamara has been posting about her favorite vendors, and were delighted to have a conversation with her about our fun collaborations.

Check it out here on the Simply by Tamara Nicole website!

Seattle Wedding Friendor Spotlight: Crimson Haze Event Lighting

Lighting and AV Ideas for Weddings During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus is inviting us to reimagine how we bring events to life, and how to do so beautifully and safely. A great creative opportunity! There are many ways that lighting can help bring your vision to life and take your celebration to the next level.

How can you make your event shine during this time?

  1. “Wow” Your Guests  — We could all use some extra delight and excitement right now; consider surprising your guests with “wow” moments like Dancing on the Clouds for a grand entrance or first dance, or ending the night with a “bang” from the Confetti Surprise Box. Create lasting memories (and great photos!) and enhance your guest experiences with fun, luxurious surprises.
  2. Transform Your Venue — Did you want to get married in a church? Or have a big festival-style dance party? Perhaps your original vision isn’t currently possible, but with creative lighting, we can help bring that vision to life in a new setting. For example, project beautiful cathedral windows in your venue to create the feeling of a church, or create your own personal nightclub with epic dance party lighting and special effects even if it’s just for your 10 best friends. There are lots of ways to transform a space, bring a theme to life, and transport your guests.
  3. Livestream and Connect Virtually — Do you have loved ones who couldn’t attend in person? Include them virtually by livestreaming your ceremony. They can still be part of your big day!
  4. Project Big, Bold Imagery — Video projection is such a versatile way to share big, impactful content with your loved ones. Large flat screen TVs are a great option, but if you have the space (and if your guest count is reduced, you might!), consider going bigger with projection. Photo slideshows are always so popular with guests. You could share your engagement video. If you have guests who aren’t able to attend, you could have them record a special video greeting or toast to play during the reception. One of the key lessons from quarantine has been our ability to stay connected with one another through video and photos — consider incorporating that into your event.
  5. Reimagine Your Audio — Are you trying to simplify your event and reduce the number of vendors you’re working with? If you don’t feel the need for a full DJ package, consider our Classic Audio Package with an elegant, high-end speaker system, wireless microphones for the ceremony, toasts and more, and professional staff to play Spotify playlists and support your audio needs.
  6. Elevate the Dance Party — Maybe you’re planning to create “satellite” dance floors around the room to avoid overcrowding, or you’re incorporating stages, dancer platforms, or nightclub-style booths to give guests extra space to dance. Whatever way your dance floor takes shape, we can light it up! Dynamic lighting is our specialty and there are so many options for fun, vibrant, dance lighting and special effects to pair with your music. You’ll definitely get guests to the dance floor. And for all those guests choosing to watch rather than join in, they’ll have a fun light show to enjoy!
  7. Spotlight Key Features — Adding performances to your event? Planning a gorgeous cake or dessert display? Custom signage and escort cards? Special toasts from your closest family and friends? Spotlight these key moments with flattering lighting to make sure they can be seen and enjoyed.
  8. Accent the Outdoors — Are you celebrating in your garden or an outdoor venue? Does your indoor reception have a patio or courtyard? Our dreamy garland fairy lights, string lights and wireless uplights are all beautiful ways to add a little magic to an outdoor setting. Learn more about our outdoor lighting options.
  9. Create an Intimate Ambiance — Has your guest count reduced but you’re still in a large venue? We love using lighting to help create a warm, inviting, intimate feel. Café-style string lights are romantic and help create a cozy ambiance. Wireless uplights soften the walls and create a flattering, indirect glow. Pinspotting floral displays, lounge vignettes and other special decor can help fill your floor plan with special features and enticing spaces.
  10. Honor Departed Loved Ones — There are so many thoughtful ways to include family members who are no longer with us. Photo slideshows, videos, even monogram projections of their names are all great options. If you have a memory wall or other honorary display, make sure you consider some gentle pinspotting — it’s an essential finishing touch.

From subtle details to big “wow” moments, lighting and AV can transform your day and elevate your guest experience.

We’re all looking forward to getting together and celebrating. Let’s make it extra special.

Contact us with any questions.

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