Pinspots and Surface Lights

Illuminate your bars, buffet, dessert table, cake, and more with targeted surface lighting, so you can avoid using bright room lights while ensuring these areas are sufficiently well lit.

Our wireless, warm white pin-spots can zoom in for a tight, focused spot (for example, highlighting your cake or floral centerpieces), or can zoom out for a soft, diffused wash over a larger surface area (for example, lighting an entire dessert spread or buffet).

For ideal pin-spotting, we recommend the lights be installed directly overhead. Consequently, installation options vary based on your venue. Typically we recommend one or two fixtures per 6′ table. Overall quantity recommendations vary based on your vision and plans.

Our pinspots are battery-powered with a very long battery life, allowing a more elegant installation and no cables anywhere.

They provide a flattering, warm white, fully dimmable light. We can tailor and adjust the desired brightness for your event.

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