Decor and Centerpieces

Illuminated trees, lanterns, and more

Accent your event with illuminated decor. A small touch can have a big impact. Consider lining pathways and stairwells with light, adding warmth to your tables with lantern centerpieces, or enhancing your winter wonderland with illuminated birch trees.

Laser-Cut LED Lanterns

These beautiful black lanterns have a lace-like laser-cut design and gold interior, and measure 8″ tall. They are illuminated by small, wireless LED lights, and we can fine-tune the color from “candlelight” to virtually any other color to match your decor.

The lanterns can also change dynamically in sync with the other lights at your event.

Truly customizable as table centerpieces or accent décor.

Holographic Lanterns

These petite golden LED lanterns feature a golden, gently flickering, holographic star pattern.

These lanterns make excellent and interesting centerpieces for cocktail rounds, and can also be used to line outdoor pathways and stairwells.

Illuminated Trees

These enchanting illuminated birch trees can bring nature’s beauty into your special occasion. They make a lovely decorative light feature or backdrop for photos. We recommend them in a matched set of three, one of each size, as shown in this photo.

Available in 3-ft, 5-ft, and 8-ft sizes.

LED Spheres

Our acrylic LED spheres are completely wireless, outdoor safe, and self-illuminate in white or a wide range of beautiful colors.

They are impressive when clustered together in groups, but can also be used individually.

Available in 16″, 20″, and jumbo 24″ sizes.