Dynamic String Lights

Color changing bulbs and dynamic animations

Take café-style string lights to the next level with our customizable Dynamic String Lights.

These lights can be set to the same beautiful warm white color as classic string lights, and can also be set to a broad variety of colors from soft pastels to vibrant hues.

And they can animate! From a gentle twinkling shimmer to festive color chases and more, these lights can transform a space in completely customizable ways.

Our Dynamic String Lights are an exciting evolution of a perennial favorite, enabling new and refreshingly creative looks not possible any other way.

Imagine having your lights set to warm white for guest arrival, gently shimmering during cocktail hour and then transitioning into vibrant colors and festive animations for your dance party — all tailored to your unique vision and timeline.

Perfect for weddings, cocktail soirées, corporate events, and more.

Highlights of Our Dynamic String Lights:

  • Black strings with elegant, suspended, “pendant-style” bulbs
  • Tasteful frosted bulbs, which can be set to a broad range of colors
  • Classic and beautiful shades of white, finely adjustable from icy white to neutral white to warm candlelight and golden shades
  • Colors! From soft pastels to vibrant hues, the bulbs can be hand-tuned to match your event’s unique color palette
  • Transition from solid warm white to exciting colors and animations at any time
  • Subtle animations, including gentle twinkling and shimmering, all with fully adjustable speeds
  • Punchy special effects to energize your dance floor
  • Fully dimmable (Most other lighting vendors use products that are NOT dimmable)
  • Experienced, insured, professional installation — important for overhead installs!
Please note that string light installations are venue specific.

Feasibility and cost vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project.

Contact us for more details!