String Lights and Decorative Cafe-Style Bistro Lighting

Create a lovely overhead ambiance with our charming, café-style string lights (sometimes called “Italian lights” or “bistro lights”).

String-light-bulb-size-comparison-300x202Our string lights are always installed with a fully adjustable dimmer, enabling a variety of different moods — for instance, brighter for your ceremony, a bit lower for dinner, and turned way down for mood-lighting when it’s time to dance. (Most other lighting vendors use products that are NOT dimmable!)

String lights are one of the few places where we intentionally avoid using LEDs, opting instead for the warmth and style of glass incandescent bulbs. Our bulbs are warm white on their brightest setting and become a golden “candlelight” amber as they dim… romantic and flattering!

Multiple styles are available, including bulbs handcrafted to evoke vintage 20th-century lighting with an antique finish, defined steeple, and intricate filament design.

Our high-quality, commercial-grade strings are safe for both indoor and outdoor use, and can beautifully enhance patios and outdoor tenting.

Great for weddings, cocktail soirées, corporate events, and more.

Our string lights services include…

  • Fully adjustable dimmers are always included! (Most other lighting vendors use products that are NOT dimmable!)
  • Experienced, insured professional installation
  • Several different bulb style options, including antique-style “Edison” bulbs
  • White or black commercial-grade wire
  • Delivery to and pick-up from your event venue


Garland Fairy Lights by Crimson Haze Event Lighting

Garland Fairy Lights

You may also wish to consider our Garland Fairy Lights, great for adding a uniquely magical ambiance to trees, railings, and more!

Wedding, Fremont Foundry, January 2017


Wedding at Fremont Foundry, August 2015
Gaspare Awards, Sodo Park, August 2016
415 Westlake string lights
Wedding at DeLille Cellars, September 2015
Wedding at AXIS Pioneer Square, September 2015
Jake Holt dance party
String lights at 415 Westlake
Wedding, AXIS Pioneer Square, July 2016
Wedding, Fireseed on Whidbey Island, April 2016
Garland Fairy Lights by Crimson Haze Event Lighting

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