“Best Industry Innovation” Award at ECAA 2017

We are honored to have won “Best Industry Innovation” at the ILEA Emerald City Applause Awards 2017. This award honors us for developing a new process and service that “increased the success of a singular event” and “further elevates the event industry as a whole”. We won this award for the Dome Ceiling Lighting Effect we created at the gorgeous Arctic Club Hotel for Alana and Garrett’s April 2015 wedding.

Rarely do weddings have a special theme, so we were delighted when our clients, Alana and Garrett, wanted to theme their wedding around the Pixar film “Up”. They hoped to transform the gorgeous Arctic Club — with its golden, old-world charm — into something colorful, vibrant and dynamic, with custom looks for each part of their big day.

We achieved this by washing each panel of the dome ceiling in light, creating an even glow around the room. We did this completely wirelessly, with no cables anywhere, and without any equipment on ground-level, preserving precious floor space. We were able to control the lights wirelessly and individually, creating custom colors and animations, and completely transforming the look of the whole space.

We worked directly with Alana and Garrett to create tailored looks for all key parts of their big day: a classic warm white for their ceremony, a golden romantic candlelight-look for dinner, special animations for their grand entrance, interleaved pastels for toasts, a blue “night sky” with white stars for their first dance, and — to kick-off the dance party — an homage to one of their favorite scenes from the movie “Up,” when thousands of colorful balloons float outside the windows with a shimmering rainbow effect. Once the dance party was in motion, we continued to cycle colors and time new animations to match the music for a vibrant dance party. See a video and photos of Alana and Garrett’s wedding.

Alana and Garrett were thrilled: “You really took our wedding up a notch… the lighting effects were AMAZING,” wrote Alana. She gave us a 5 star review saying, “I cannot say enough good things about Crimson Haze! They seriously did a KILLER job on the lighting at our wedding at the Arctic Club. So many people asked if the lighting was part of the venue. We got ‘ohhs’ and ‘ahhs’ at our lighting change cues, and special effects kept everyone dancing all night long!”

Our Dome Ceiling Lighting Effect not only showcases a unique centerpiece architectural feature of the venue, but also elevates and transforms it. This gorgeous historical venue can now be customized to meet each client’s unique vision and color palette, and tailored with different looks throughout the event.

The Arctic Club loved our new approach to lighting their space — this wedding was the start of a treasured partnership with the venue. We have had the pleasure of offering this service for a number of weddings and events since then, refining it and bringing different visions to life.

Visit our page for the Arctic Club to see more photos and videos of this effect in action!

We would like to give a few special thank you shout-outs:

Alana and Garrett for dreaming big and inviting us to help bring your vision to life. We loved your theme, your creative ideas, and being part of the magic of your wedding day.

Rebecca Grant of New Creations Wedding Design for the opportunity to collaborate on this project, to get creative, and be part of another one of your gorgeous weddings.

The Arctic Club for trusting us to do something new in your stunning venue and for partnering with us for ongoing projects —  working with you and lighting up the Northern Lights Dome Room is an absolute dream!

ILEA and the Emerald City Applause Awards for honoring us with this recognition.

Our fellow vendors for encouraging, supporting and bringing creativity to our event industry. We are so grateful to be part of a community that values and prioritizes innovation, and that inspires us to do more. We look forward to getting creative with you, and generating new ideas for future projects!

Wedding at Arctic Club Dome Room, April 2016

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