My DJ has lights. Is that good enough for my wedding?

We love DJs and trust them to provide great music and great sound equipment.

But when it comes to lighting — especially when it’s “free” or “bundled” with other services — there are some important questions to ask:

Ask what their lighting equipment itself looks like, including the stands they attach to, and how many cables they use. Will their setup look good at your wedding? Are they using orange extension cords?

We always strive to keep our installations as elegant and discreet as possible. We use custom white covers to give our uplights a tasteful, finished look. When we need to use truss as mounting structure, we wrap these in white satin. We specialize in wireless technology to minimize cables (and often eliminate the need for cables entirely!)

These finishing touches really matter!

Do they have full remote control over their lights? Can they instantly (or gradually) change brightness, colors, tempo, animations, etc? Can they control each light separately?

Probably not.

Most DJs set their lights to “automatic” or “sound reactive mode,” where their lights will respond randomly to bass vibrations by strobing and flicking through a rainbow color palette.

That may be convenient, but this approach gives up any control over the color palette and behavior of the lights.

We never use automatic mode. Instead, we use sophisticated DMX control, where everything is fine-tuned by us — professional lighting designers.

We can change the lighting dynamically, keep things in your colors, and stay perfectly synchronized to your event and your music.

We’ve posted videos and hundreds of photos of our work, from venues all over Seattle, so you know what to expect.

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This is such an important question, and more nuanced than most people realize.

Bright green is easy, but feather-soft pink is not.

Our uplights include special, cutting-edge LED technology that allows a dramatically wider range of colors, including the most gentle of pastels and the richest, most vibrant colors.

We use a comprehensive suite of wireless technologies to simplify and expedite our installations, and this means we can do many projects without any cables at all!

This also allows us to position lights virtually anywhere, such as the dome at the Arctic Club. All of our uplights are battery-powered and controlled by radio.

Note also that not all wireless lighting options are created equal. We’ve carefully chosen to use only lag-free, premium W-DMX™ from Sweden. This top-tier technology translates to fast, easy, fully synchronized control.

Many people are surprised by how many lights it takes to effectively saturate a mid-size room, let alone a large ballroom.

Does your DJ have enough of the right equipment? A deep inventory is important.

There are many other good questions to ask, but the above are the most crucial.

In our experience, the best results happen when professionals focus on what they do best. As a lighting company, our attention is always 100% on lighting, without distraction.

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