Services at Block 41

Crimson Haze is proud to provide custom lighting solutions for your event at Block 41.

Here’s a little from Block 41 from their own website:

“Block 41 deftly blends with vintage industrial chic in this inviting new gathering space crafted from a 1927 former ice warehouse. Massive old-growth beams, board-formed concrete walls and exposed structural steel blend with new state-of-the-art lighting, A.V. and climate control systems throughout the venue’s spacious interior.”

We love being able to control all the built-in house lights at Block 41, so that our lighting can change in-sync with the rest of the venue’s lights. This allows for great use of color throughout the space, and special cues at key moments like dimming the lights for dramatic effect. Dynamic lighting is our specialty, and very popular at Block 41. Other popular services here include our wireless uplights, pinspots for signage, bars, buffets and more, logo projection in the stairwell, customized video projection and so much more.

At Block 41, we can connect directly to the house lighting system, giving us total, elegant, synchronized control of nearly every light in the building — including both floors and all the overhead lights.

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Custom Packages at Block 41

Dynamic Uplighting

Upgrade your uplights to feature customized, dynamic changes — like a classic warm white look for your ceremony, a golden candlelight color during dinner and toasts, and vibrant colors and animations during dancing.

Stairwell Logo Projection

Project your monogram or company logo on the big Block 41 stairwell wall, bright and beautiful for your guests to see as they ascend to the upper level.

Chandelier Effect

We carefully position a high-power light directly below the artful glass chandelier in the Block 41 entryway. This effect fills the chandelier with twinkling, shimmering color. The color is completely adjustable and matched to your event’s design.

Galleries of Our Work at Block 41

Popular Crimson Haze Services

Customize your ambiance with wireless uplights, capable of a beautiful range of colors, from soft pastels to vibrant hues to any shade of white.

Upgrade your lighting to feature customized, dynamic changes — our specialty! Imagine a classic warm white look for ceremony, a golden candlelight color for dinner, then vibrant colors and animations for dancing.

Provide an intimate feel with overhead string lights, featuring fully dimmable bulbs. Timeless and romantic! Also available in vibrant colors and pastels.

Illuminate centerpieces, buffet tables, florals, cakes, and more with warm white, targeted lighting. Pin-spots pair beautifully with virtually every other service we offer.

Give your ceremony a beautiful glow with feather-soft, warm white spotlighting.

Enhance your dance floor with awesome party lighting — from classic mirror balls to your own private nightclub.

Delight your guests with a dazzling confetti blast! Our wireless Confetti Surprise Box is designed to look like a large present, wrapped in elegant paper.

Elevate the ambiance of your event with our expanding collection of stylish wireless chandeliers. Cluster a few together for a centerpiece feature.

Project your name (or monogram logo) in lights.

Showcase your photo slideshow or personal videos with 65″ TVs or video projection.