Services at Seattle Aquarium

Crimson Haze is proud to provide custom lighting solutions for your event at the Seattle Aquarium.

Here’s a little about The Seattle Aquarium from their own website:

“The Seattle Aquarium is one of the most unique, full-service facilities in the Seattle area and a wonderful waterfront treasure. With the grandeur of the 20′ by 40′ “Window on Washington Waters” as your backdrop and a tantalizing dining experience to complement your surroundings, your evening at the Seattle Aquarium will fulfill your vision of the perfect special event.”

What a magical environment to host your event! We love complementing the beauty of the existing ambiance with gently rippling water texture effects and dynamic wireless uplights that slowly transition through subtle shades of blues like the water. This pairs beautifully with warm white pinspots for bars and dinner tables so that the room can be moody while these elements still stand out in neutral, flattering light. Spotlighting is similarly popular, to highlight ceremonies, presenters, performers, musicians and more. Custom logo or monogram projection helps make the space your own. And of course all the lighting can be customized, so if you want to avoid an “under the sea” theme, we can instead create soft pastels, vibrant sunsets, and any variety of other beautiful looks!

Custom Packages at Seattle Aquarium

Water Texture Effect

Transform your event with a gently rippling water texture effect.

This effect can be set to a variety of beautiful colors, which help complement different themes: blue creates an “under the sea” vibe or poolside ambiance, white creates a wintery ice texture look, and orange creates a fire/lava effect.


Gentle, warm theatrical spotlighting draws the eye and showcases aerial performers, first dances, and toasts in the best possible way.

Monogram/Logo Projection

Project your name or monogram logo above the glass aquarium wall in the main space.

Gobos can also be animated with color and texture changes for a unique, dynamic effect.

Photos of Our Work at Seattle Aquarium

Popular Crimson Haze Services


Customize your ambiance with wireless uplights, capable of a beautiful range of colors, from soft pastels to vibrant hues to any shade of white.

Dynamic Lighting

Upgrade your lighting to feature customized, dynamic changes — our specialty! Imagine a classic warm white look for ceremony, a golden candlelight color for dinner, then vibrant colors and animations for dancing.


Illuminate centerpieces, buffet tables, florals, cakes, and more with warm white, targeted lighting. Pin-spots pair beautifully with virtually every other service we offer.

Dance Party

Enhance your dance floor with awesome party lighting — from classic mirror balls to your own private nightclub.

Gobo Monogram

Project your name (or monogram logo) in lights.