Services at Woodmark Hotel and Spa

The Woodmark Hotel and Still Spa is the only hotel on the picturesque shores of Lake Washington.

Within 15 minutes of Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, and Woodinville Wine Country, this boutique waterfront hotel combines personalized service, luxury lifestyle amenities, and a serene lakeside setting. Be inspired to accomplish more, or simply immerse in local life.

Crimson Haze is proud to provide custom lighting solutions for your event at Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa.

Custom Packages at Woodmark Hotel and Spa

Dynamic Uplighting

Completely wireless and cable-free.

Capable of an extraordinary range of customizable colors, from soft pastels to vibrant hues to any shade of white.

Garland Fairy Lights

Create a dreamy ambiance with our Garland Fairy Lights, perfect for suspending from trees and railings.

Garlands are 4′ long with small, warm white lights, and set an inviting glow.

Each garland can be set to “solid on” or a variety of different elegant animations.

Extremely lightweight, these lights are installed gently (and professionally) to prevent any damage to the foliage.

Commercial grade.

Photos of Our Work at Woodmark Hotel and Spa

Popular Crimson Haze Services

Customize your ambiance with wireless uplights, capable of a beautiful range of colors, from soft pastels to vibrant hues to any shade of white.

Upgrade your lighting to feature customized, dynamic changes — our specialty! Imagine a classic warm white look for ceremony, a golden candlelight color for dinner, then vibrant colors and animations for dancing.

Provide an intimate feel with overhead string lights, featuring fully dimmable bulbs. Timeless and romantic! Also available in vibrant colors and pastels.

Illuminate centerpieces, buffet tables, florals, cakes, and more with warm white, targeted lighting. Pin-spots pair beautifully with virtually every other service we offer.

Give your ceremony a beautiful glow with feather-soft, warm white spotlighting.

Enhance your dance floor with awesome party lighting — from classic mirror balls to your own private nightclub.

Delight your guests with a dazzling confetti blast! Our wireless Confetti Surprise Box is designed to look like a large present, wrapped in elegant paper.

Elevate the ambiance of your event with our expanding collection of stylish wireless chandeliers. Cluster a few together for a centerpiece feature.

Project your name (or monogram logo) in lights.

Showcase your photo slideshow or personal videos with 65″ TVs or video projection.